Social Competition - Research & Fun!

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Who’s keen to catch up, spend some time on the water and have some fun with our team??


We would love to meet as many of you guys as possible! All the kids, all the mums & dads, all the people who have sent us photos, shared our posts, commented on or liked our page!

It would also be great to see all the keyboard warriors show up so we can put a face to the negativity! I'm sure you guys are better value in real life..

The plan is to meet up Friday afternoon, the 20th of April at the Bradman Avenue boat ramp around 4pm. Get to know each, hear some feed back, tell a few stories, run through the briefing then start comp about 5:30/6pm. There will be beer and soft drinks provided for everyone and a small range of our SCF apparel available to purchase. The competition will be held over a 24 hour period and finish at 6pm on Saturday the 21st.

Our short term goal is to get a very accurate understanding of the current condition of our waterways and find out what impact recreational and commercial fishing has on each system. Our long term goal is to use this highly valuable information to keep our waterways healthy or to make necessary improvements to certain areas. There's a huge list of things we'd like to eventually help with or improve but this is the first step to making that happen! We're also planning a 'Major Information Gathering Competition' that will be held annually and give us the ability to monitor the health of our fish stocks.

We've teamed up with the guys from InfoFish Australia who will be attending the meet/greet and allowing us to use their smartphone app to regulate the event. We'll explain in more detail at the briefing but its super simple. When you catch a fish, any fish, you just take a photo if it laying flat on a brag mat then enter it into the app. Simple

Because this is mainly a social event and all about having fun and catching fish there won't be many rules.. You can literally fish from Noosa - Bribie Island. Inshore, Offshore. Fresh, Salt or Brackish. Land based, Kayak or Boat. Bait or Lures! EVERY Fish counts! Bread and butter species. Sports species. Inshore/offshore species. Sharks & Rays..

How to win the DJI Phantom Camera Drone 'Any Fish Draw' 

All you need to do to enter is catch a fish, any fish and enter it into the InfoFish app. Each person who enters a fish will go into the draw to win the prize. The Drone will be drawn on facebook Sunday night at 6pm. There will be a $200 prize for the person who catches the most differspecies of fish in the 24 hour period. There will also be a hand crafted Frequent Flash Lure valued at $50 awarded to the person who catches the 'Best Fish' on a lure.

What you need - Brag mat, smart phone, Track My Fish App.

Entry Fee is $25. Just become a SCF Member to enter. Existing members are FREE.

*ENTER HERE* Or click on our 'Members' section at the top and join!

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