80cm Mangrove Jack!


Mangrove Jack season is here! Jack Witek has taken advantage of the rising temperatures and nailed this absolute monster in the lead up to the SCF Research & Sustainability Competition! To be crowned ‘Sunshine Coast Champion Angler’ you must catch a full bag (2 fish) of mangrove jack to qualify, then the most additional full bags of fish on the target species list.

Jack is a natural at catching ‘fish of a lifetime’ regularly and will be one to watch out for at the Competition next weekend! We invite EVERYONE to come down, check it out, get involved, have some fun and help us help our waterways! What are you waiting for… Enter NOW!


jack_witek_Super stoked with this big old red slab of a mangrove jack, the amount of hours put into getting this fish is crazy! massive thanks to @rob_john43 for landing and photographing the big dog yewww!!