Everything you need to know for the Sunstate Sea-Doo Fishing Classic this Sunday! (19/5)



Hi all, this event is open to everyone with a Ski (any brand), below is a little fishing and weather update that will help you plan your day for maximum fun and maybe win a prize (even the $2,500 lucky door prize which just means registering and having a fish from your ski.

Register here : https://sunstatebrp.com.au/…/2019-sunstate-sea-doo-fishing-…


Before I start also note that you can start fishing at 5am from where ever you want on the Sunshine Coast. You can also have 2 – 3 anglers on a ski (however many your craft is legally allowed).

Now to the report:


The wind forecast is currently 15 to 20 knots knots but with light winds inshore early in the morning which is great. There is a swell of 1 to 1.5 meters and seas of 1 to 1.5m so PWC Riders with less experience on bar crossings and ocean fishing are urged to head out from Mooloolaba – stick to the left on the way out to avoid the breakers and from there you can poke out as far east as is comfortable. Point Cartwright to Maroochy river mouth will offer some protection from S/E sea/swell and it’s also short ride back in when the seas pick up later in the morning (this is forecast). Please go out in pairs with someone who has experience at bar crossings and ocean fishing.

There is a mile of Mack Tuna in the bay between Point Cartwright and Old Woman Island-use light leader of around 10 pound and they will take any reasonable 10 to 30 gram metal lure atm. Some longtail, spotties and spanish have been in the bay as well at times. Drifting with baits or softies deep around the tuna schools is a good way to catch a snapper or other reefies (eg a grassy).

Experienced riders will check conditions and some will probably go out through Noosa and Caloundra Bars. Again please go out in pairs or even better groups. For example Ryan Cox and Trev's Tiling are looking to go out from Caloundra.

Again Tuna and Macks in close off Caloundra and Noosa – someone is going to get a big Spanish trolling around a headland or reef – not many boats have been out and they will be ravenous for a bigger lure or bait. 

For a snapper drop a bait down (eg squid) to any lump/fish you see on the sounder – it’s straight forward I do this on factory settings on the Fish Pro sounder and get a snapper or grassy every outing. 

Some eittique for Tuna fishing: Don’t approach closer to the school than other skis/boats. If they are busting up hard you can zip within range and cast, but it’s more typical they are fleety so give them a wide berth, get ahead of them, cut your motor and let them come to you.


If the ocean is too rough for you the Estuary is the go!

High tide is at 8am in the ocean means high tide in the estuary’s about 2 hours later (10am). Perfect - this means you have clear water to spot the weed beds and fish for flattys and bream etc. If you drift over the weed beds in 1 to 1.5 meters of water with poppers or shallow running lures you will catch flattys and bream along with a trevally and other cool fish. Outside chance a big flatty ‘may’ take out the big fish division if the ocean is too rough! Alternatively you can vibe or use soft plastics on the drop offs where the weed growth tapers out (2-3 meters deep). Either way anchor up, work an area for 10 or so casts, then lift the anchor, drift 25 meters and repeat. You will find fish. 

If you have a sounder you can troll deep divers along the 2-4 meter line-you should catch a few flattys and maybe a jack or cod once you master the technique.

Most of all have fun – it takes a while to learn how to catch fish, but its always fun and your off to a good start with the above. Don’t forget there is ‘no fish’ and ‘small fish’ prize, just use the app which will be updated to include this Comp tomorrow (fri) 

There’s some gun anglers in the mix that should bring in some big fish to aspire too, or you will see the pics on the app 👌

One of the big things of the day is to meet people so you can join forces and get consistent wins over those willy fish 😊. 

Hope this helps – I’ll see you all at the presentation.



The Sunstate Sea-Doo Can-Am Fishing Classic is on this Sunday! This is a FREE social event for all ages and skill levels! There’s already a great bunch of people attending rain, hail or shine so hit the link below and sign yourself up for a heap of good vibes this Sunday! 


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There’s $5,000 of prizes up for grabs! The categories are as follows..

- Early bird registration prize
- No fish prize
- Encouragement award
- Best junior photo
- Best male glory photo 
- Best female glory photo
- Smallest fish award
- Best junior award
- Best senior award
- Most fish award
- Biggest fish award
- Major lucky draw prize. RRP $2,500

This event has been created to help grow the JetSki fishing community and bring like minded people together. Feel free to come down and say g’day or check out the award presentation at 1pm on Sunday.

If you haven’t downloaded the SCF Research & Events Smartphone App yet just click the links below..


App Store Download -

Play Store Download -


You are welcome to enter the event or have a play around in ‘casual fishing’ mode. Just make sure you remember to leave casual fishing and enter into the event before you start registering fish.