European Carp Caloundra *Beware*



We've fished Duck Holes Creek in Caloundra a few times getting little Tilapia and the odd Spangled Perch but 2 weeks ago found out there was more in there than expected!


We ended up hooking a decent Carp after getting a brief glimpse of one cruising around in front of the platform, but dropped the ball at the line when it got tangled in the weeds and snapped us off. (ALWAYS take a landing net!).

Round 2 looked like a bust with no sign of it on Saturday arvo, but a lucky overnight down pour raised the creek level a foot and got some water moving through the small pond.
My money was on it hanging around the inlet drain again in the fresh inflow and hey presto, fish on. I wasn't letting it get away again. 

The one I saw 2 weeks ago didn't look to be this big in the water, and I never got a good look at the one I dropped so maybe this one has a mate or two still in there.


All reported catches or sightings must reported to bio security.

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