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fishing tournament

central queensland

Nov 29th - Dec 1st

major prize giveaway

partnership proposal

help us help our waterways

Research & Sustainability Events...

With over 60 years combined experience in the fishing and events industry, SCF, Suntag and InfoFish Australia are proud to announce the next generation of Fishing Competitions! The main focus of these events revolve around the health and wellbeing of our waterways, local fish stocks and the condition of surrounding catchment areas. Using the SCF Research & Events Smartphone App, we collect valuable data from all types of recreational fisherman/women to get an accurate understanding of the current condition of each location an event is hosted. This information will help determine what impact recreational and commercial fishing currently have on our waterways and the steps we need to take to improve or sustain them. 

A little about SCF...

We are SCF Australia! We are one of the top online fishing content providers in the country and the number one online fishing presence on the Sunshine Coast and South East Queensland. Our articles, product reviews, news and videos reach over 80,000 people per week on Facebook alone, and is backed by a following of over 28,000 subscribers.

Locally we are unrivalled in the fishing demographic which awards us a distinct advantage over the few larger SEQ online fishing entities, as our locally targeted campaigns have a much broader reach than is achievable by any of the top rival pages. We constantly evaluate our content to ensure it is relevant, interesting and informative to all members of the Australian fishing community. We balance our local and national content in such a way that we can maintain our strong local influence without it limiting our growing national reach and popularity.

SCF Australia’s social media platforms have proven powerful mediums for communicating with our dedicated followers. SCF is a resource for fishing enthusiasts run by fishing enthusiasts and a platform where we all come together to celebrate our passion and learn from the experiences of like-minded individuals. Our formula is simple, we only align ourselves with relevant and quality brands we truly believe in and are genuine in our opinions when we express them. Our integrity is important to us and more importantly, to our members and having a reputation for honesty ensures we maintain our influential position in the community.

National growth…

Displaying how powerful our data collection methods are along with stepping up the atmosphere and celebrations with competitors has dramatically increased our national growth! Our online platforms have been growing by roughly 200 people each week from all states and is expected to continually increase as we continue to improve our events. Considering our marketing plan is still months away from officially starting we have already received a lot of interest for the King of Kings CQ, and have confirmed entrants from Exmouth (WA), Melbourne and Sydney.

Event details…

To view all confirmed event details, please CLICK HERE


Major prize giveaway partnership/sponsorship..

King of Kings CQ invites you to sponsor the major prize giveaway at our first annual fishing tournament held in Central Queensland. Expectations are that this events will generate a significant number of visitors to the Central Queensland area. A number of opportunities exist to showcase your business and increase exposure to such an audience with obvious associated benefits. A partnership with the competition will give your business positive public exposure and goodwill within the community. Partnering with this event will send a strong message to the fishing community that the Sea-Doo FishPro is a great option to look at for fishing and all types of family fun. It will also send a a strong message to the fishing community that Sea-Doo is serious about fishing and the development of the sport in Australia. (I personally know how serious you are from all my previous dealings, Dean)

A state-wide promotional campaign via visual, print and online mediums will greatly enhance the awareness of your organisation and locations.

Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 3.31.00 pm.png


To become the major prize giveaway sponsor of this event we require you to donate a brand new Sea-Doo FishPro with trailer, ready to drive away.

This prize will be displayed at popular tackle stores in the lead up to the event, it will be displayed at the Gracemere Hotel throughout the course of the event and be included in all promotional platforms.

A long term sponsorship/partnership is preferred. Ideally we’d like the relationship to grow and be partnered with Sea-Doo for many years.

The sponsorship agreement will start immediately after a contract has been signed or delivery of the FishPro has been made.

Live scoreboard examples, target species & prizes..

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 6.27.34 pm.png
Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 6.24.41 pm.png


  • Pending council grants there could potentially be $12,500 for promotional videos, another $7,500 for the marketing budget and $2,000 on high profile guests. 

Promotional videos

  • 1-3 minute action packed GT King clip that will showcase the mighty Giant Trevally, offshore target species, Yeppoon and the Great Keppel Islands. The Sea-Doo FishPro will be displayed as the major prize.

  • 1-3 minute Thready King promo clip that will showcase the magnificent King Threadfin Salmon, inshore target species, Rockhampton and the Fitzroy River. The Sea-Doo FishPro will be displayed as the major prize.

  • Next year, we will make a jetski only promotional video that targets the might GT’s and showcases how great they are for island hopping around the Grea Barrier Reef. This clip will include a high profile guest. This clip could potentially break the internet!


  • The event will be advertised on TV and radio if council funding is approved. The Sea-Doo FishPro will be advertised as the major prize.

Social media

  • The current Facebook page for King of Kings CQ monthly reach is averaging over 65,000 people and the engagement is over is 20,000.

  • The King of Kings Instagram page is perhaps the most well presented fishing page ever! Most posts are reaching 2000 people.


  • There will be signage at all major tackle stores in the region. The Sea-Doo FishPro will be displayed as the major prize.


Web Site

We have already launched the web site for the King of Kings and predict that it will generate the same about of interest as the Sunshine Coast competition. The SCF research and sustainability competition had an annual reach of 60,000 views, with 40% of those hits in the month prior to the competition.  The web site includes a wide variety of information about the show, its sponsors, and exhibitors, and is featured on all appropriate media promotion and publicity. Advertising of the Sea-Doo FishPro and links to the Sea-Doo’s online platforms will be featured.


FACEBOOK - King of Kings CQ

INSTAGRAM - @kingofkingscq


  • On Thursday night, November 28th, we will be throwing a social night where competitors will collect their information packs, confirm participant registration and attend the briefing/presentation.

  • A number of our high profile guests and demonstrators will be on-hand to discuss the event and showcase event partners.

  • Music/entertainment will be included.


  • The Sea-Doo FishPro will be be on display for 4 days where competitors and members of the public can have a really good inspection and ask questions.

Marketing Strategy 

  • Jetski fishing has really taken off on the Sunshine Coast and we plan to expand and promote the sport in Central Queensland as well as send a positive message throughout Australia online. The main marketing vehicle used for King of kings is social media, the vehicles are Instagram, Facebook and Websites. King of Kings select these media and vehicles to reach the identified target audience promptly to therefore convey the intended marketing messages. These social media vehicles can reach a large portion of the identified target market and are strategically selected to do so. With close to the entire target market in Australia having access to Facebook and Instagram the vehicles selected would maximise the value of money spent on sales promotion.

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