The Dirty Gozzers! Endangered Species Bliss - by Jake Parkinson

The Dirty Gozzer Boys and myself (Jake Parkinson) decided to head up the coast for the long weekend chasing some mangrove jack. After not much luck we decide to head home a day early and made the decision to hit our local fresh water spot in the Stanley river. We arrived early morning and the boys decided to head down stream and I decided to head up as I know there was a few good snags that held not bad bass and yella. After a few flicks and not much luck I headed over the opposite side off the creek over a large tree and through waste deep water.

I finally got to where I wanted to be and rolled a durry. It was then I noticed a large figure sitting under one of the snags I put the polarised on and there she was!! As I flicked for my first cast my cigarette touched my braid losing my lure and the last of my leader. It wasn’t worth the effort walking all the way down stream to get some leader off the boys so I made the dodgy decision to tie straight braid to my selected lure which was a jackal pompadour 110mm.

My first cast landed just to the right of him seeing him turn to look with not much interest. The second cast landed towards the back of him and again turned to look. The third cast landed right on top of his head which he couldn’t resist. And with a loud boof and a big splash I was on.

I yelled out to the boys. ON!! ON!! COD!! COD!! The fellas came racing! First on the scene was Alexandra hogan (axe wound) and with no hesitation he dove straight into the water to secure the catch, and wasn’t she a beauty. We kept her in the water at all times securing her weight also. She measured 101cm which is cracking Mary cod at any means we were all so stoked to catch such an awesome fish in our own backyard. Just like to thank (Tye low, Brandon Wenham, Kyle low and Alex Hogan and Grady Morgan) for more unreal catches follow us at thedirtgozzers on instagram #thedirtygozzers

Who do you think actually caught the fish??

Who do you think actually caught the fish??


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