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September 14th - 15th 2019


A little about us...

We are SCF Australia! We are one of the top online fishing content providers in the country and the number one online fishing presence on the Sunshine Coast. Our articles, product reviews, news and videos reach over 80,000 people per week on Facebook alone, and is backed by a following of over 28,000 subscribers.

Locally we are unrivalled in the fishing demographic which awards us a distinct advantage over the few larger SEQ online fishing entities, as our locally targeted campaigns have a much broader reach than is achievable by any of the top rival pages. We constantly evaluate our content to ensure it is relevant, interesting and informative to all members of the Australian fishing community. We balance our local and national content in such a way that we can maintain our strong local influence without it limiting our growing national reach and popularity.

SCF Australia’s social media platforms have proven powerful mediums for communicating with our dedicated followers. SCF is a resource for fishing enthusiasts run by fishing enthusiasts and a platform where we all come together to celebrate our passion and learn from the experiences of like- minded individuals. Our formula is simple, we only align ourselves with relevant and quality brands we truly believe in and are genuine in our opinions when we express them. Our integrity is important to us and more importantly, to our members and having a reputation for honesty ensures we maintain our influential position in the community.

Sponsorship agreement...

The competition is based primarily on the inshore and offshore scoreboards. There are 26 target species and each one offers a lucrative opportunity for local businesses to get involed with the competition and promote their brands on multiple marketing platforms. Cash sponsorship packages of $1500 are available for each species on the scoreboards, for your investment your business can select which species and associated prize to support.

As a minor sponsor your package includes 2x VIP entry’s to the competition, with front row seats for the presentation and complimentary drinks/snacks. Your business will receive a recognition post on SCF’s facebook and instagram pages at the time at which your investment is secured, and your business logo will be displayed on the live and online scoreboards alongside the species of your choosing. You are welcomed to the finale day, when the winner for your species is decided your business will be mentioned as the sponsor of that particular cash award and also a novelty cheque with your branding will be presented on stage to the winner. A photo of the winner with your cheque will be taken, and shared on SCF’s social media platforms. The award presentation will appear on local news and also in the competetion wrap video to be promoted online in the months following the competition. You're also welcomed to setup a display stall throughout the course of the event to showcase or further promote your business and will be offered first preference for sponsorship the following year.


Each business that sponsors a fish not only covers the cash prize, they contribute to everything that is required to host an event of this size. Other things include - Insurance, marketing, advertising, equipment hire, design, signage, administration, data collection, permits, liquor, security, venue costs, staff, consultants, fees, special guests, trophy’s, junior prizes, novelty size cheques, ect!

The competition will focus heavily on the research and sustainability aspect and will be a great benifit to the community in the sense that it will provide valuable data on the local waterways and the marine life that inhabits them. The data will be used by the Department of Primary Industries and other envirnmental organisations in the planning of future conservation projects and effective management systems. A sponsor partnership with the competition will give your business positive public exposure and goodwill within the community.

Help us help our waterways!

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The competition...

Held over the weekend before the 2019 September school holidays, the SCF Research and Sustainability competition will host salt- water, freshwater, boat, kayak, shore, bait/lure, spear and free-diving fisherman from all over Australia. Anglers of all ages and skill levels will compete from midnight Friday September 13th, to 11am Sunday the 15th, recording their success via the SCF Research & Events mobile app and will have the chance to share in $40,000 worth of cash and prizes.

In order to participate, senior competitors aged 18 and over will register online and pay a $110 entry fee. Junior competitors aged 13-17 will register online and pay a $45 entry fee. Kids aged 4-12 can compete FREE of charge but need to be accompanied by a senior competitor who must register them online. All entrants receive a information pack and an entry into the major prize draw.

Fishing will commence at midnight on the Friday. There are 13 inshore and 13 offshore species on the target list, when a competitor lands a fish, they take a photo of it on a brag mat or flat measuring device and upload it to the SCF Research & Events app. The website will incorporate live scoreboards that update in real time and display the current leader for each category, as well as the size of their catch.

Everyone must gather at the Maroochydore Rugby League Club on the Friday evening to collect their information packs, confirm participant registration and attend the briefing/presentation. There will be some entertainment, food stalls, bar and activities for the kids, as well as product displays and demonstrations by various businesses in the industry and competition partners. The display items, product stalls, SCF team members and special guests will be present at the Rugby League Club each day. The competition finishes at 12pm on Sunday which will be followed by a presentation at the Maroochydore Rugby League Club where the winners will be awarded their prizes and the major prize will be drawn. The presentation will begin at 3pm, Sunday the 15th and followed by a celebration with the award winners and everyone involved.

Early bird tickets will be available in June, 2019.

Live Scoreboards &Target Species 


Fishing Boundaries 

The Sunshine Coast competition will span from Double Island Point to the Caboolture River, the bottom of Bribie Island and the top of Moreton Island. The Bruce Highway will act as the majority of the inshore boundary and the offshore competitors can compete over 50km out to sea. Inshore includes land based fishing off the beach and everywhere inland on the boundary map. Offshore includes fishing from a vessel casting towards the beach and everywhere offshore within the boundary map. Lake McDonald and the Noosa Hinterland are included for the freshwater competitors. See bellow for the full boundary map.


Awards & Prizes

Biggest fish per species will be 26 separate cash prises of $500 each, awarded to the biggest bag for each species on the scoreboard.


Every fish draw Seeking sponsorship donation valued at $1000. Every person who catches a fish and uploads it to the app will automatically be entered into this draw.

Flattop choice mystery fish will be presented with a Moses Perch trophy carved by Mick Molnar Marine Art, and be awarded to a fish chosen by Flattop Fishing of a species that doesn’t feature on the scoreboard list.

Most species will win a prize valued at $500 from InfoFish Australia, and be awarded to the angler who catches the most different species’ on the scoreboard list.

Noosa/North Shore inshore champion angler for the most full bags off the scoreboard inshore species list, caught in the Noosa waterways. The prize is a Cale Cale Trevally trophy carved by Mick Molnar Marine Art.

Maroochy/Mooloola inshore champion angler, for the most full bags off the inshore scoreboard species list, caught in the Maroochy/Mooloola waterways. The prize is a Queensland Grouper trophy carved by Mick Molnar Marine Art.

Caloundra/Passage champion inshore angler, for the most full bags off the inshore scoreboard species list, caught in the Caloundra waterways. The prize is a Threadfin Salmon trophy carved by Mick Molnar Marine Art.

Sunshine Coast champion angler, presented by Brisbane Yamaha. For the angler who catches a bag of Mangrove Jack and also the most additional full bags of all the inshore scoreboard species list, caught anywhere. The prize is a 1.2m three species grand trophy carved by Mick Molnar Marine Art.


SCF Offshore champion angler, presented by Brisbane Yamaha. For the angler who catches the most full bags on the offshore scoreboard species list, caught offshore. The prize is a 1.6m Spanish Mackerel grand trophy carved by Mick Molnar Marine Art.

Minor prize give away, a brand new kayak donated by Freak Sports Australia valued at $1,500

Major prize give away, a brand new boat motor & trailer package donated by Brisbane Yamaha valued at $14,500 (Image to be updated)

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