SCF Supporters Pack *Cost Price*

SCF Supporters Pack *Cost Price*

230.00 469.00

To show our appreciation to everyone getting behind SCF, we’d liked to offer all our loyal supporters an apparel starter pack at cost price! This pack includes all items in our ‘Original Print’ range -

  • 1x SCF fishing jersey of your choice

  • 1x SCF Trespass Backpack

  • 1x SCF Snapback

  • 1x SCF Brag Mat (1250mm)

  • 1x SCF Tall T-shirt Black

  • 1x SCF Tall T-shirt White

  • 1x SCF Longsleve T-shirt Black

  • 1x SCF Longsleve T-shirt Grey

  • 1x SCF Basic Tank Black

  • 1x SCF Basic Tank White

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