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SEPTEMBER 13th - 15th 2019

Held the weekend prior to the 2019 September school holidays, the SCF Research and Sustainability competition will host salt- water, freshwater, boat, kayak, shore, bait/lure, spear and free-diving fisherman from all over Australia. Anglers of all ages and skill levels will compete from midnight Friday September 13th, to midday Sunday the 15th, recording their success via the SCF Research & Events mobile app and will have the chance to share in 40-50,000 dollars worth of cash and prizes spread over 30 categories.

In order to participate, senior competitors aged 18 and over will register online and pay a $110 entry fee. Junior competitors aged 13-17 will register online and pay a $45 entry fee. Kids aged 4-12 can compete FREE of charge but need to be accompanied by a senior competitor who must register them online. All entrants receive a information pack and an entry into the major prize draw.

Fishing will commence at midnight on the Friday. There are 13 inshore and 13 offshore species on the target list, when a competitor lands a fish, they take a photo of it on a brag mat or flat measuring device and upload it to the SCF Research & Events app. The website will incorporate LIVE scoreboards that update in real time and display the current leader for each category, as well as the size of their catch.

Everyone must gather at the Maroochydore Rugby League Club on the Friday evening to collect their information packs, confirm participant registration and attend the briefing/presentation. There will be some entertainment, food stalls, bar and activities for the kids, as well as product displays and demonstrations by various businesses in the industry and competition partners. The display items, product stalls, SCF team members and special guests will be present at the Rugby League Club each day. The competition finishes at 12pm on Sunday which will be followed by a presentation at the Maroochydore Rugby League Club where the winners will be awarded their prizes and the major prize will be drawn. The presentation will begin at 3pm, Sunday the 15th and followed by a celebration with the award winners and everyone involved.

Early bird tickets will be available in June, 2019.


We are super excited to announce that the second Research & Sustainability Competition on the Sunshine Coast will include all the same displays/special guests as the first. All the new and cool things will be added when the early bird tickets are announced.



- Maroochydore Junior Rugby League Club

Fishing times 

- You can be at your spot/location and ready to start fishing at midnight on Friday night after the briefing! ‘Lines in the water’ starts at midnight Friday.

- Fishing finishes at midday on Sunday. That means your fishing lines must be out on the water at midday (12pm) on Sunday.

Sponsor Displays

Brisbane Yamaha - Boats
Ken Mills Toyota - Cars
Freak Sports Australia - Kayaks
Sportsman Boats Australia - Boats


- SCF Store
Infofish Australia 
CAST Magazine
Holt Productions
ANSA Queensland
- Keepin’ it Reel Inc. 

Special Guests

- Rob Paxevanos 
- James Holt
- Shane Adam
- Mick Guthrie
- Chris Henry
- Mati Batts
- Dean Jackson
- Jake Newmarch

Event Timeline

All friends, family and members of the public are welcomed to come down, get involved, have a beer and check out what’s on display.

FRIDAY (13/09/19). 3pm - 9pm

- 3:00pm. Early check-in, smartphone app testing and pre event activities/displays are open to the public.

- 6:00pm. Competition briefing begins. All competitors must be present.

- 7:00pm. Entertainment and bar activities.

SATURDAY (14/09/19). 10am -3pm

- 10am. Displays, stalls & bar will remain open to the public/competitors. Live updates will be streamed throughout the day by SCF officials and special guests.

SUNDAY (15/09/19). 12pm - 6pm

- 12pm. Displays, stalls & bar will be open to the public/competitors

- 3pm. Awards, Presentations & major prize giveaway.

- 4pm. Interviews with the winners, bar activities & celebrations.

- 6pm. Head to Good Bar for the after party

Our members will have a HUGE advantage in the Research & Sustainability Tournament with access to the Uncut LIVE Scoreboards! By keeping an eye on the entire field you can see where you're positioned at all times and make the necessary adjustments to your game plan throughout the event to compete for the Target Species and Champion Angler Awards! CLICK HERE


Live Scoreboards &Target Species 


Fishing Boundaries 

The Sunshine Coast competition will span from Double Island Point to the Caboolture River and the bottom of Bribie Island. The Bruce Highway will act as the majority of the inshore boundary and the offshore competitors can compete over 50km out to sea. Inshore includes land based fishing off the beach and everywhere inland on the boundary map. Offshore includes fishing from a vessel casting towards the beach and everywhere offshore within the boundary map. Lake McDonald and the Noosa Hinterland are included for the freshwater competitors. See bellow for the full boundary map.


Awards & Prizes

Biggest fish per species will be 26 separate cash prises of $500 each, awarded to the biggest bag for each species on the scoreboard.


Every fish draw will win a SCF Apparel package valued at $400. Every person who catches a fish and uploads it to the app will automatically be entered into this draw.

Flattop choice mystery fish will be presented with a Moses Perch trophy carved by Mick Molnar Marine Art, and be awarded to a fish chosen by Flattop Fishing of a species that doesn’t feature on the scoreboard list.

Most species will win a prize valued at $250 from InfoFish Australia, and be awarded to the angler who catches the most different species’ on the scoreboard list.

Noosa/North Shore inshore champion angler for the most full bags off the scoreboard inshore species list, caught in the Noosa waterways. The prize is a Cale Cale Trevally trophy carved by Mick Molnar Marine Art.

Maroochy/Mooloola inshore champion angler, for the most full bags off the inshore scoreboard species list, caught in the Maroochy/Mooloola waterways. The prize is a Queensland Grouper trophy carved by Mick Molnar Marine Art.

Caloundra/Passage champion inshore angler, for the most full bags off the inshore scoreboard species list, caught in the Caloundra waterways. The prize is a Threadfin Salmon trophy carved by Mick Molnar Marine Art.

Sunshine Coast champion angler, presented by Brisbane Yamaha. For the angler who catches a bag of Mangrove Jack and also the most additional full bags of all the inshore scoreboard species list, caught anywhere. The prize is a 1.2m three species grand trophy carved by Mick Molnar Marine Art.


SCF Offshore Champion angler, presented by Brisbane Yamaha. For the angler who catches the most full bags of all the offshore scoreboard species list. The prize is a 1.6m Spanish Mackerel grand trophy carved by Mick Molnar Marine Art.

Major prize give away, a brand new boat motor & trailer package donated by Brisbane Yamaha valued at $14,500 (Image coming soon. This prize may also be upgraded)

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Why SCF Research Events? Learn More..



Your Location information will only be accessible by InfoFish Australia. We respect everyones privacy and ensure that your fishing locations will NEVER be disclosed.

Fishing Methods

All recreational fishing methods excluding nets are valid including:

  • Rod and Reel (all line classes)

  • Bait and Artificial Lures (including live bait and trolling)

  • Crabpots and traps

  • Free dive

  • Spear

All fishing vessel classes are accepted

  • Land based

  • Non powered (Kayaks, Paddleboard, etc)

  • Powered Vessels

  • Jet Ski


Spearfishers can enter a maximum of 2 categories (4 fish) in offshore species as well as Lobsters.  Fishers are encouraged to report non-target catches to assist with data collection.

Dangerous Fish

It is possible that fishers may encounter highly dangerous species such as Stonefish.  All competitors should:

  • Wear solid soled shoes such as wet boots if fishing in water

  • Cut the line – do not attempt to land

Protected Fish

The queensland fisheries website lists species that are protected in Queensland waters such as Queensland Groper.  These species are not eligible for the competition and should not be targetted.

Sharks and Rays

Sharks and Rays are catch and release only.  Targetting of large sharks is not permitted.

Measuring Finfish

All finfish should be measured to length over all with the fish in a natural position.  Do not squash the tail to extend the length as fish measured this way will not qualify.  Accurate length of fish is important for data analysis.

Measuring Sharks

Sharks should be measured from the nose to the tip of the tail.

Measuring Rays

Rays should be measured lengthwise from wingtip to wingtip.

Measuring Mud Crabs

Mud Crabs should be measured based on the width of the carapace – as per Queensland Fisheries Regulations. (

Measuring Lobsters

Lobsters should be measured based on the length of the tail – as per Queensland Fisheries Regulations (

Notes on Qualifying Species

Bream– All variants of Bream (including Tarwhine) qualify in the Estuary Bream class.  Seabream (such as Blubberlips) do not qualify.  The largest 2 count towards the bag.

Emperor – All variants of Emperors qualify in the Emperors class.  The largest 2 count towards the bag.

Flathead – All variants of Flathead qualify in the Flathead class.  The largest 2 count towards the bag.

Mackerel  – All variants of Mackerel qualify in the Mackerel class.  The largest 2 count towards the bag.

Trevally – All variants of Trevally qualify in the Trevally class.  The largest 2 count towards the bag.

Tuna – All variants of Tuna qualify in the Tuna class.  The largest 2 count towards the bag.

Tuskfish – All variants of Tuskfish qualify in the Tuskfish class.  The largest 2 count towards the bag.

Whiting – All variants of Whiting qualify in the Whiting class.  The largest 2 count towards the bag.

Dispute Resolution

Any dispute or breach of the competition rules will be determined and adjudicated by SCF representative's whose decision will be final. A proven breach may result in loss of competition points or disqualification.