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SCF Australia is pleased to announce the launch of the SCF SuperFish Series! This event will take place at three of Queensland’s most popular fishing destinations. It has been developed for the next generation of young Australian fisherman who are super passionate about the sport and want to make a serious impact to the future and wellbeing of our waterways! We invite you to play an important part in Australia’s fishing future and help us collect the most accurate up to date data, ever!

Members of the SuperFish Series will need to compete at each event to maximise their chance of becoming the overall winner. Competitors will compete with the general public in both the SCF Research & Sustainability Competition plus the King of Kings CQ. Your points will be totalled at the end of each round and displayed in the Members Only section on the website. The SuperFish Final will be held at a mystery location and announced roughly 2 weeks before the event. Only members of the SuperFish Series are invited to the final where they will compete to score as many points as possible. The fisherman with the highest amount of points will be crowned the winner of the Series. The top place getters will all receive awards. More prize details will be announced as we negotiate with potential sponsors.

Dates | Events | Loacations

  • September 14th - 15th, SCF Research & Sustainability Competition, Sunshine Coast

  • November 29th - December 1st, King of Kings CQ, Central Queensland

  • February 15th - 16th (2020), SCF SuperFish Final, Mystery Location



The SuperFish final will be at one of the following locations - Bustard Head, 1770, Burrum Heads, River Heads, Inskip Point or the Gold Coast. The final has been created to bring everyone together in a fun social environment where everyone can get to know each other, learn from each other and help promote positive change in the fishing community together.

A venue for the final presentation and powered camp sites will be booked in advance for all SuperFish competitors.

Points will be scored by catching as many different target species as possible and the maximum total amount for that round. Each round will have a slightly different set of point scoring rules. Major bonus points will be won and added to your score if you win any of the major prizes during the public events. The point system may be slightly altered as we get closer to the first event but this is how it is currently structured.

Sunshine Coast

  • Inshore Champion Angler 25

  • Offshore Champion Angler 25

  • Caloundra/Passage Champion Angler 15

  • Maroochy/Mooloola Champion Angler 15

  • Noosa/North Shore Champion Angler 15

  • Target Species Winner 10

  • Target Specie - 1 point per fish (Max 5)

  • Full Bag 2/2 - 3 points

Central Queensland

  • GT King 25

  • Thready King 25

  • Target Species Winner 10

  • Target Specie - 1 point per fish (Max 5)

  • Full Bag 2/2 - 3 points

Mystery Location

  • Biggest Bonus Point Fish - 10

  • Most Fish Tagged - 10

  • Voted Best By-Catch - 10

  • Hoop Toss/Quoits Winner at Briefing - 5

  • Hoop Toss/Quoits Winner at Presentation- 5

  • All Target Species - 2 Points (Unlimited)

For rounds one and two, we encourage all SuperFish Members to undertake catch and release plus tag every fish that is landed/recorded. However, it is not compulsory for our first year and competitors only have to obey to the general public rules which include bait fishing, spear fishing and keeping a fish or two to eat. The SuperFish Final, round three will be strictly catch and release, lures only and every fish must be tagged.


The first year of the event will mainly focus on everyone having a great time, doing what we love and sorting out any teething problems with the series. We’ve made the registration fee as affordable as possible and believe everyone involved will get great value for money from the event! There's 3 simple steps you need to follow to register for the series..

STEP 1 - Purchase your event pass to the Research & Sustainability Competition. CLICK HERE

STEP 2 - Purchase your event pass to the King of Kings Fishing Tournament. CLICK HERE

STEP 3 - Become and SCF member. CLICK HERE

For a maximum registration fee of $267 you will receive the following items..

  • SCF Research & Sustainability Competition Entry/Registration, RRP - $121.00

  • King of Kings CQ Entry/Registration, RRP - $121.00

  • Limited Edition SCF SuperFish Series SnapBack, RRP - $39.90

  • Limited Edition SCF SuperFish Series Fishing Jersey, RRP - $69.90

  • Limited Edition SCF SuperFish Series Tall T-shirt - RRP - $44.90

  • Limited Edition 1550mm Long SCF SuperFish Brag Mat, RRP - $39.90

  • Mystery SuperFisher Final Entry/Registration, RRP Unknown

  • Custom SuperFish/Suntag Gun Starter Kit, RRP - $85.00

  • Suntagers Adult Membership, RRP - $75.00

  • SuperFish Final Powered Campsite, 3 Nights, RRP - $90.00

  • Award Presentation Beers & BBQ, RRP Unknown

TOTAL RRP - $686.60

When all 3 steps have been completed, you will automatically be entered into the SuperFish Series. Note - If you take advantage of the early bird discounts, you can be fully registered for the total price of $185.00!!!

The entire SCF SuperFish range will be black on black and get made to order when total numbers are confirmed. No SuperFish items or apparel will be available to the general public.

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