Why SCF Research Events?

Worldwide the spotlight is on all fishing communities to demonstrate that they are looking after their fishing resources. Communities that are proactive in collecting data and addressing potential issues ahead of time are prospering through better fishing outcomes.  In other words – a win for fishers, a win for the community and a win for the future.

SCF Research and Sustainability Competition is the first major competition in the region to make understanding the quality of fishery and providing feedback to the community the core mission. This is an event that makes a serious business of having fun.

We welcome all fishers – including Spearfishers. All fishers are stakeholders in looking after the fishery in the long term.


What we want to achieve

Queensland fisheries conduct periodic boat ramp surveys and monitor the commercial catch but there are still significant data gaps.  Questions like how people value their fishery, how good is the fishing experience, what species are important and how could it be better are not part of the current data collection regime.  

SCF Research and Sustainability Competition aims to fill some of these big gaps by bringing together the talented fishers of the region for a weekend doing what they do best. The simple act of recording catches via an app will turn that fun into a serious assessment of the fishery – with the results being made available to all.

After the event a full assessment of the Sunshine Coast fishery will be made based on the species that are important to local fishers with as much data as is available from all sources.

2018 Assessment, Click Here

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